Postpartum Energy Therapy

Energy Healing for the Postpartum mOM! 

A Reiki treatment offers a safe and supportive space for them to re-orientate to themselves and their bodies after the birth of their baby.  The comforting, gentle energy of Reiki helps stimulate and accelerate the body’s own natural healing processes, bringing it back into balance and alignment. As the nature of Reiki is deeply relaxing and calming, it can help to reduce stress and promote sleep.


Reiki can also be used to ease Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders such as Depression, Anxiety, Rage to name a few.  It  promotes physical and emotional healing from a lengthy or traumatic birth.   Reiki is also helpful for mothers that have been working through breastfeeding difficulties. It helps ease the stress in both mother and child which promotes many beneficial effects like better milk production and confidence in your ability to nurture your baby and yourself.  Reiki can be so relaxing that new moms often drift off to sleep during the session. Helps release toxins from the body and boosts energy while  enhancing quality of life



What you receive with a Postpartum Energy Therapy Session

15 minute Energy Check in Call

60 minute Session

Oracle Card Reading
3O minute Follow up 

Check in Text the following Day

Investment $155

Please email Diana after purchase to schedule your Session!