Postpartum Energy Therapy

Energy Healing for the Postpartum Mom! 

Do you experience any of the side effects of Motherhood?

Sleep Depravation? Exhaustion? Anxiety? Overwhelmed? Unbalanced Emotions?

Just to name a few…

Reiki Healing is a WONDERFUL tool to assist and support the motherhood journey.

It reduces stress, anxiety and tension, restores body and mind of Postnatal Depletion
It creates deep relaxation, calms the mind and balances emotions. It promotes better sleep, helps release toxins from the body and boosts energy while

enhancing quality of life!

Improves symptoms and conditions such as: 



What you receive with a Prenatal or Postpartum Energy Therapy Session

15min Energy Check in Call

1 hour Session

Deep Relaxation, Stress relief, Balanced Energy 

Full Chakra Analysis 

Oracle Card Reading
3Omin Followup Zoom Call 

Check in Text the following Day

Investment $92

Please email Diana after purchase to schedule your Session!