• Diana Bamford

The Postpartum body struggle it's very real and challenging

You may say WTF do you know about that, look at your skinny ass.

Yup! I've had people say those exact words to me, and it FKN hurts.

The reality of it is, the challenge is not only losing the baby weight, some mOMmas struggle to gain the weight back. Some people assume that it's so much better to have that kind of problem. SOOOOO many times I've heard Oh! Lucky you! I wish I had that problem... No you don't! 

I was a healthy 5'7" 120lb chica prior to having babies, after I had my 1st son I haven't been able to weigh more than 111, I went as low as 106.

I went from a size 4 to a size 2/0, and it's FKN hard for me not only to gain weight but to retain it. 

Do you think that it feels good to be ridiculed and shame by people and mOMs because I am thin. Oh! and doing it in a joking matter is not funny, I ain't laughing 

A lot of people find it okay to comment freely on my body, IT'S NOT OKAY! It hurts me deeply. 

13yrs since my last baby and my weight still something I struggle with daily. I encourage you to please do not assume on other peoples bodies. In your eyes it may look perfect. But you have NO IDEA what that person struggle may be. 

It's sad to see how cruel people can be. Don't shame the mOMs! mOMmyhood can be a lonely journey and if we are struggling its extremely challenging.  

Please be kind, it cost nothing to simply be kind! 

Reach out to the mOMs in your life, not only the ones that seem to be struggling but also the mOMmas who seem to have it all together. It's important to check in on the strong mOMmas too, they will really appreciated. 

How will you reach out today? 

I see you I feel You I am with YOU!

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