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The 5 year old that flipped me off

Yup! You are reading correctly a 5 yr old gave me the finger

Long story long…

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A few weeks back I was waiting to pick up my son from school, parked while listening to a very engaging podcast I decided to put on my head phones and roll the windows down (please note I was wearing big dark sunglasses)

I notice an SUV park in front of me, big wide window in the back.

Me not paying much attention as I am deep in this podcast kinda gazing out the passenger window. I sense someone looking my way, without turning my head I see this lil guy looking at me. The way my head is tilted it looks like if I am not noticing him at all.

Slowly he begins to flip me off kinda hiding his finger in the back of the seat. I slowly move my head and he reacts by moving his body back, his gaze is strong he is ready to rumble (note again I am not looking directly at him and I have not giving him any sign that “it’s ON” lol)

He then proceeds to give me the finger full force, like in your face Mofo, Inside I am laughing so so hard, I can’t believe this is really happening, who is this lil thug and what is his house hold situation, is he not getting enough attention?

As he continues to fiercely flip me off, I tilt my head slowly while still looking away, non engagement. He decided to up his performance with body language of “what? what?” and of course the middle finger high up.

I wanted to laugh so much… all I could think off was… where did you see this? what do you think it means? Why are you so comfortable with it? Do you get enough attention at home? What is happening?

But also I would love to see his reaction, by me flipping him off back. Yeah! Yeah! you will say OMG Diiii, come down you know you wanted to do it too and see his reaction.

His reaction would tell me one or two things that are right on the surface. One if he would have reacted shocked and embarrassed that tells me he is remorseful and knows he is doing wrong. Two if he would have been shocked and gives me the finger back X’s 111% I know this is something that he sees as normal reaction in his home and that it’s okay.

What do you do when life flips you off?

Do you tend to react or respond?

Can you see the difference?

I Invite you to Pause next time life flips you off, take time and look past the insult. What do you see?

You are Energy it’s up to you how you invest it and where.

Be kind with yourself

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