• Diana Bamford

Runaway mOM

At times ... as a Mother ...

I feel like simply walking away... flowing with the wind and maybe never return.

La Cocina que Canta Restaurant. Tecate Baja California, México. Cerro El Cuchuma.

Why do you think that is?! Do you Judge me ?!? Does this make me a Bad Mother?!

Oh! Please wait! I’ll answer for You... the Answer it’s FKN NO!!!

It doesn’t make me a Bad Mother. Motherhood at times it’s about the Mental & Emotional Survivable! Yeah!!! You heard it here.

I love my children more than You all can ever imagine. They are my All!!!

But lets be raw, at times mOMma needs a Break.

A moment to recharge to escape the Motherhood routine and find our self again.

Who we truly are! Having kids doesn’t change who we were prior to having kids, or who we are meant to be, if anything it makes us more of a Bad Ass Human!

Sadly for a lot of Women we forget about the Wonder-Woman within , about that Goddess of Life! The Divine Feminine we embody!

It’s okay to take a moment for You mOMma! It’s okay to do things alone without the shame, the judgement and the guilt. Oh that mOMmy guilt that consumes us. We all know it too well.

You are only human, actually You’re an Extraordinary Human ❣️

My ultimate fear was to loose my self after having kids, I was terrified that I couldn’t find me again. It really shook me to the core.

But... every day I discover I can be Both and I can do a good job at it! I've learned tools that help me and support me on those challenging days.

Also understanding that self-care it’s NOT Selfish ... it’s ABSOLUTE NECESSARY!!! 🧖🏻‍♀️

Maternal Mental Health it’s REAL and it’s key to keep it well Balanced ⚖️

You’re Not alone mOMma!!!

Know that any challenge in your life, the way you are feeling right now it’s only temporary. This too should pass.

There’s love, support and may resources available for you free of Judgement, ready to serve your needs.

I’m Di I’m a Strong Healer/Coach/Practitioner. I SEE YOU I FEEL YOU I AM WITH YOU! How can I better support YOU?!

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