• Diana Bamford

Maternal Mental Health and Money? Huh?

Did you know that Economic Stress is one of the Risk factors associated with Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs)?

PMADs Risk Factors -Biological



Biological - Personal and family history of mental illness . - Perinatal Mood symptoms or previous PMADS. - Infertility

- Medical Problems (Thyroids Disruption, Diabetes)

- Abrupt weaning with breastfeeding


-Low self esteem

- Unplanned/Unwanted pregnancy

- History of trauma or abuse

- Unresolved grief over abortion or miscarriage

- Young Mother/ teenage

- Baby in the NICU

Social - Lack of Support and /or geographical isolation

- Relationship Stress

- Life Stresses, recent move, loss, death


- Complicated pregnancy or birth

- Separation from Baby

- Difficult baby temper

There is Support for You or anyone currently experiencing one of these factors. Please click on the Tab for resouces and support for more information. You’re doing Great mOMma! I SEE YOU I FEEL YOU I AM WITH YOU! 🤱🏾🤰🤱🏻🤰🏽 #pmads #sandiegomoms #mamasunday #maternalmentalhealth #moneystress #love #baby #mom #journeyofthelotus #support #awareness #journey #ranchosandiego #mamásunday

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