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How Theta helped me process my miscarriage 17 years later

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

In January of this year I started the journey of healing my miscarriage, when I felt disempowered, dismissed and never allowed to grief.

On October 18th 2019, I had the opportunity to experience a Theta session with my Kind Dear Friend, who is a Magical Theta Healer.

I had no expectations for this session, I just knew I was called to experience the blessings.

As she begun her beautiful practice, she asked if there was anything specific I would like to work on, I said nope!

I would like whatever wants to show itself to come, I did asked her to please tell me anything and everything she saw, felt or sensed to please not hold back, that I can take it.

We are deep in healing and the Visions are coming strong.

she tells me she sees me at the edge of a cliff wearing white, wind is blowing and a blue sky.

I smiled as my eyes are closed and I am seeing that exact vision. This is where I received the greatest gift!

As I see my self at the edge of this cliff, I look back and I see my Grandpa Tata Chuy (who passed in 2010 and who’s b-day was that same day) he is smiling and calm.

I have the feeling of being pregnant, I then see my stomach grow slowly all the way to full term, I look down and I see myself bleeding, suddenly no more belly.

As I share this with my friend, she tells me you had a daughter that is your miscarriage. (I never knew what gender the baby was)

My eyes still closed in my vision, I look back and I see my Grandpa holding a baby in his arms Pink Blanket.

I look back, I am carrying a baby girl in my arms then I see her next to me about 3 yrs old, 6, 13 and finally this 17 year old beautiful young woman long light brown hair, soft brown skin, green eyes, she looks like me.

I am so overcome with all the feelings in life, she smiles and tells me this had to happen. She lived her purpose and it’s part of my journey. She knows how much I wanted her and how much I love her.

I know she is watching over me and she is safe. I feel her in my dreams and each time the wind embraces me.

Her name is Valentina Mercedes my angel my guide.

Theta allowed me to meet my daughter and share time and space. Her embrace soften my wounds and gave permission for my healing to unfold.

The Greatest gift, I GOT TO MEET MY DAUGHTER!


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