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Got Asthma? Got Cows?

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

This is my Max. This picture was taken 4 years ago he had an Asthma attack, pneumonia and was admitted to the Hospital. He suffers from Allergic Asthma.

Rady Children's Hospital. San Diego, Ca.

Well... used tooooo Our life revolved on countless ER visits in a year, plus follow up Doctor visits the Asthma plan and a strict routine to avoid another attack.

Morning and night Inhaler, plus another additional night Inhaler and Claritin every night.

On our last visit to the ER this year, they couldn’t pin point what was triggering his Asthma. The Doctor we had in the ER was lacking knowledge in the matter, that I literally explained to him step by step all about Asthma . He was so impressed that he asked if I was a respiratory MD myself.

I said Ha! You wish! I just have 15yrs of experience with my son! He question ... but he is only 11yrs old. I can’t have more than one child Doctor?! My oldest suffers from asthma too.

Western Medicine you failed me horrible that day! We left with a bill and so many questions unanswered . We had a follow up appointment with the Asthma specialist . Finally someone who can give us answers. YAY!

Her problem solving was easy. Sorry to tell you mOM but this is for life! I recommend putting him on a weekly allergy shot plan to once a week then twice a week for 2 to 5 years! Wait what?! She tells me this will lower his allergic asthma.

So... puncturing my son weekly was the best answer you can come up with? In addition he will have a new Asthma plan. New plan! Morning Inhaler , 2 night inhalers , Claritin and... we will add Singulair to his nightly routing FOR LIFE! (do you know the side effects of Singulair? they suck) WTF?! 🤯 drugs on top of drugs to mask a problem?! I was blown away! FKN blown.

We decided Da’ FK with that. I’m not having my baby puncture or drugged. Bloody hell NO!!! We are in need of answers not bandaids.

We did ONE thing WE CUT DAIRY out of his diet! He continue on the “Doctor Asthma Plan” as we cut the dairy. One day he comes to me and says . Mom I haven’t been taking my shots or my pills for a while now, I don’t feel I need them anymore! 🤩

My 11yr old listen to his body and followed his GUT instincts. He knew what his body was telling him and trusted.

I am proud of my intuitive boy, and proud to say... after 6 to 8months of Dairy Free. He is Asthma Free. No more daily Asthma maintenance plan.

We continue to carry Albuterol when we travel only in case. Happy to say he has not needed it in a long time.

Dairy it's awesome and yummy. But it's not awesome for allergies.

Do your research mOMmas. The Holistic way was our way! After many years of western medicine and epic fails, we've change the diet to clean veggies, fruits and heathy fats.

To my mOMma out there struggling, being pulled by western medicine. It's okay to question your Doctor, to ask questions. It's okay to look outside your Doctors office, just because they wear the white coats, it doesn't mean they always get it right. It's okay to look for Alternative Holistic Medicine.

Do your research and trust your GUT!

My Boy is a Happy 12yr old Asthma Free!


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