• Diana Bamford

Adios 2019

As the end of the year approaches, I've had the opportunity to sit in gratitude for the lessons, abundance and the crazy in between. 

Leaving my office job after almost 13yrs and becoming a mOMpreneur, that was scary AF. 

So... what happened this year?

I made life lasting friendships, solidify others and some fell away...

The Postpartum Class came into fruition, not always things go as planned. 

I had the honor to be in 3 Podcast sharing my passion to break the stigma around Maternal Mental Health. 

1 Magazine interview where I could share what I do with the community 

Shoot a Video talking about PMADs, Yoga and Energy therapy. 

We have a home full of teenagers ( I miss my babies) 

Our Daughter began a new exciting journey (we are SO Proud) 

My husband hit a milestone B-day and feels and looks Amazing!

I relied on ME to provide, NOT the 9 to 5 job, my intuition and trust in the universe grew immensely! 

Letting go to bring in, has been a challenge in all honesty. There were moments where I doubted my self, where I just wanted to give up. My husband is my rock, not for a moment did he doubt that I am capable. We did have our shaky moments I can be stubborn (who knew) But he never let me give up, he encouraged me even at my worst. I am so grateful for his love and constant pain in the ass dedication to US!

So... this mOMpreneur business it's harder than the 9 to 5 job. You may think Oh! Di! you have teens, not a baby it should be easy, yeah! That's what I thought. 

Not the case peeps! Teens required tons of attention too, and guess what? They don't nap during the day, this is while on break, during the week I am mOM UBER driver. I actually often get mOMmy shame for having teens and not babies. Interesting and strange, huh? True though. 

This year I also asked for help when I felt I needed it, it wasn't easy, but I felt the need and I was so happy and proud of myself that I did reached out.

I encourage you all to be extra kind to one another, specially to mOMs out there, you really don't know what challenges they are experiencing, maybe they seem all put together maybe they don't. 

Let's close up this decade in High Vibration! What we put out we get in! 

Are you excited or nervous? Are you dreading or as ready as you can be at this moment? Remember you are an Energy being, and we thrive in high Vibration! 

I Believe in YOU! 


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