Journey of the Lotus. 

Postpartum Support Class!

What is Journey of the Lotus?

A space where Postpartum mOMs and mOMs experiencing Perinatal Mood or Anxiety Disorders can come and feel safe, supported, move, connect, ground and share their practice with baby. This support class takes mOM on a journey to a mindful  recovery, each class is designed to explore the important matters of the path, providing tools and resources while building a blooming community. 

Using powerful tools such as Peer Support, Breath-Mindfulness, mOMmy-Baby Yoga and Reiki, the path of recovery is much stronger. The Benefits are endless.

Up to 20 percent of all pregnant women and new mOMs will develop a perinatal mood or anxiety disorders (PMADs) that requires treatment. These include postpartum depression or anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and (rarely) postpartum psychosis. pmads postpartum support. 

"Each Class is a Petal designed in a

90 min Journey"

30 minutes exploring the Petal of the Day, Introductions-emphasizing support, followed by 30 minutes of mOMmy & Baby bonding Yoga Flow, gaining strength, connecting with the body, mind and spirit. The space is created allowing mom and baby as many breaks as needed, focusing on self-care. 30 minutes Creating Community Sisterhood Support!

Newborns up to pre-crawling (around 9moths in age) are welcomed. I asked that you are cleared from your physician to practice yoga. Anywhere from 3 weeks post delivery vaginal birth, 5-8 for C-section.

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Class mindful topics 

*Self Care

* Finding myself in Motherhood

* Balance in relationships: Partner, Friends, Job, etc...

* Multitasking in Motherhood

* My new Title as a mOM


* Intimacy / Remembering my Divine Feminine 

* How can I ask for help?  Why is it challenging to ask? 

* Many more . . . mOMs are encourage to bring in a Topic :)