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 Latina mOM, Wife, Life Inspired,

Passion Driven Energy Worker!

My name is Diana Curiel Bamford. I am Maternal Mental Health Advocate, Postpartum Energy Healer and Yoga Instructor based in San Diego, Ca.

I am a proud mother of 1 girl and 2 boys,  happily married to a talented Luthier, Musician and patient loving husband. Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs), formerly known as Postpartum Depression, SURVIVOR!


My passion to empower other mOMs and break the stigma around Maternal Mental Health (MMH), arise from my own journey experiencing PMADs. 


My Journey began November 2003 when my first son was 2 months old. I couldn't place why I was feeling more depressed by the minute with anxiety rising, thoughts flaring and feeling like I didn't fit in my own skin. Unaware, I was suffering from Postpartum Depression,OCD, PTSD, Anxiety and extremely overwhelmed.


Being Latina I kept quite about what I was feeling for a long time, due to the fear of being judge and the guilt that consumed me. Unfortunately the Latin culture taught me that if you are pregnant you should feel happy, if you have a baby, you should be happy. A baby is a blessing and any negative thought around baby will have an effect in a negative way, so I suffered in silence.   


The journey was long and the recovery was even longer. 


In 2006, still not fully recovered from PPD, OCD and PTSD,  I gave birth to my second son. 

This time, aware of what to expect, I built a better force around me. While OCD and PTSD were no longer an issue, I was still suffering with PPD and high Anxiety.

I found my recovery process getting lighter this time by joining a postpartum support group here in San Diego . mOMmy and baby activities, during and after group helped, made me feel like I was not alone. 

I was able to find my breath, my voice and a space to connect with my baby, which allowed me to feel grounded and no longer lost. This gave me a sense of empowerment that I was in control of my thoughts and feelings. The Journey was long in my case, but like the lotus, I grew through muddy waters and in the end I BLOOMED!


Five years ago I began searching for resources in San Diego County to support mOMs experiencing PMADs, only to find out how limited the resources were and how the Medical system still lacked knowledge on the topic. After having mindful conversations with my OBGYN, some professionals in the field  and my prenatal students regarding Maternal Mental Health. I had the desire to start the conversation everyone was trying to avoid. I began offering Awareness Workshops PMAD's explained in San Diego, building a community of knowledge, strength and support. 

I offer Prenatal and Postpartum Energy Therapy, please see tab above. I also developed a Postpartum Support Class  “Journey of the Lotus” from Seed to Blossom!  A space where Postpartum mOMs and mOMs experiencing Perinatal Mood or Anxiety Disorders can come and feel safe, supported, move, connect, ground and share their practice with baby.


My Dharma - Life purpose is to serve and empower all mothers specially the ones experiencing PMADs. I have made it my mission to radiate awareness regarding Maternal Mental Health and the risk factors associated with. Focusing on the Hispanic culture, where this subject is something no one talks about. 


Leaving my job as an Executive Assistant after almost 13 years in January  2019, has giving me the opportunity and flexibility to pursue my purpose.

I see you, I feel you, I am with you, how can I best support YOU?!


Empowering Moms from Seed to Blossom!

* Diana is a Survivor of PPD,PPA, PPTSD, POCD and a huge MMH Advocate. 

 * 200 hr. Yoga Instructor. Modalities include :Prenatal, Postnatal, Yin, Vinyasa and  Gentle. 

* Certified Peer Support Specialist 

* Intuitive Cosmic Energy Healer, Reiki Master, Psychic and Channeler. 

*  Member of The Postpartum Health Alliance and volunteer. 

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